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      The sub-aircraft bed tells you how to extend the service life of the cutter

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      To extend the tool's service life, it is necessary to choose the type of metal processing fluid and optimize the processing method, especially for difficult materials. Cutting difficult materials requ
      To extend the tool's service life, it is necessary to choose the type of metal processing fluid and optimize the processing method, especially for difficult materials. Cutting difficult materials requires high quality cutting fluid, which is also expensive. However, in the process of cutting, difficult materials will often cause adverse impact on the tool life, so it is necessary to select appropriate cutting fluid to effectively extend the tool life and reduce the processing cost. The direct cause of tool damage is cutting force and cutting heat. Therefore, no matter which machining method is adopted, the fundamental purpose is to reduce the temperature of the tool tip and the part to a large extent, prevent the surface hardening of the part and its tip temperature to be too high, increase the heat dissipation area and control cutting force.
      1. Proper control of cutting force and cutting speed
      Proper control of cutting force and cutting speed is also one of the effective means to reduce the temperature in the processing area and extend the working life of cutting fluid. In the processing of difficult materials, the general use of precision grinding tool cutting edge, cutting depth and cutting width should not be too large. When choosing the linear cutting speed, it should be considered according to different material types, parts structure and processing equipment. Generally, if the material is nickel base alloy, the linear speed should be controlled at 20 to 50 meters per minute. The processing material is titanium alloy, and the linear speed should be controlled at 30 to 110 meters per minute. The processing material is PH stainless steel, and the linear speed should be controlled in the range of 50 to 120 meters per minute.
      2. Select reasonable cutting method
      For difficult materials, the selection of different cutting methods for cutting fluid damage has a great difference. The principle is the same no matter which cutting method is chosen, which is to reduce the cutting force and cutting zone temperature as much as possible. The cycloidal cut method can reduce the cutting area to a large extent, so that the actual cutting Angle of the cutting fluid is small, so as to extend the heat dissipation time of each tooth of the cutter and reduce the cutting temperature. The spiral interpolation method can make the cutting amount of each tooth relatively uniform, avoid the cutting force concentrated on a few teeth and speed up wear, this effect is obvious in the corner. However, the large feed cutting method can effectively reduce the cutting force with a small cutting depth and a large feed, so that a small cutting heat is generated during machining and the temperature of the processing area is lower.
      3. Ensure timely and effective chip breaking
      In metal processing, a large amount of cutting heat is usually generated on cutting chips. If the length of chip can be controlled to ensure timely and effective chip breaking, this part of cutting heat can be taken away by chips. Therefore, chip breaking is an effective way to control cutting temperature. In the processing of difficult materials, especially in the rough machining process, in the processing system under the premise of rigidity, should try to make it in the whole processing chip. At the same time, use the cutting fluid with good sedimentation performance to remove the cuttings settlement, do not let the cutting chips and the surface of the workpiece for friction. The universal cutting fluid SCC730A of linuo chemical industry can be selected. The SCC730A water-based environmental friendly cutting fluid is made of antirust agent and other additives, which is a high performance multi-purpose cutting. When mixed with water, a stable transparent solution can be formed. The product has good settlement, rust resistance, cooling and cleaning. It has strong resistance to microbial decomposition and can maintain its stability under different water hardness conditions. The service life is more than 5 times that of ordinary emulsified oil.