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      On the structure of the new electric shearing machine

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      The electric shearing machine manufactured by anhui ya aircraft bed co., LTD is highly praised and loved by consumers for its unique structure, beautiful appearance and reasonable mechanical design pr
      The electric shearing machine manufactured by anhui ya aircraft bed co., LTD is highly praised and loved by consumers for its unique structure, beautiful appearance and reasonable mechanical design principle. Compared with the old mechanical shearing machine, the new electric mechanical shearing machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable design, stable operation, less wear, long service life, convenient transportation and more economical price. Next, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of new type electric shearing machine and old type electric mechanical shearing machine.
      1. The frame part of the new electric shearing machine is a seamless welded structure of steel plate, which can eliminate internal stress by aging vibration and is stable and reliable. The fuselage of the old mechanical shearing machine is generally cast, and the machine body is not strict due to the poor casting process, which leads to the poor operation stability of the machine body. Once the machine body is aging, it is easy to cause the casting to crack. Once the casting body is cracked, the whole machine can no longer be used, which greatly reduces the service life of the machine.
      2. The new electric shearing machine mainly drives the rotation of connecting rod through the motor, thus transferring the kinetic energy to the bearing to cause the bearing to move up and down. The bearing is connected with the knife rest. The old-fashioned electromechanical guillotine shears are driven by a high-power motor to the side big gear, which is driven by the upper and lower clutch rotation to pull the knife rest rotation. Therefore, the working principle of the old electromechanical shearing machine determines the features of high noise, wear and low safety.
      3. Although the new electric shearing machine has certain mechanical advantages compared with the old mechanical shearing machine, it also has the following disadvantages. The shear thickness of the new electric shearing machine is generally below 4mm, while the shear thickness of the old electric shearing machine can be larger.